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    teach for america
    By diane

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    I have heard so many negative statements about TFA. I do agree with Victoria in reference to "if you're not willing to teach in a high poverty area, don't apply to this program or any program like it." That "IS" the purpose for TFA...allowing enthusiastic and creative individuals the opportunity to become effective teachers in high poverty areas where others would never ever dream of teaching (let alone drive through the neighborhood).

    High poverty areas are often overlooked and ridiculed as "that's what they do make babies, stay unemployed and become incarcerated". What about the children who are born into these situations and seek refuge in education however are unable to obtain quality education because teachers fear the unknown and want to stay in the extra clean, less polluted, high academia, six figured suburban communities. America is great isn't it? Each person for himself/herself and leave others to suffer; especially neglected children.

    Children misbehave because it is a LEARNED behavior. It can be reversed if teachers take time to instill classroom management and a disciplinary strategy. Misbehaved children only want attention where they can eventually trust an adult and elaborate on the nucleus of the problem which may stem from numerous situations outside the classroom (family, finances, LD, socialization, depression, etc.)

    As adults are educators outside the classroom as well. Parents are educators at home and in the neighborhood. We must reclaim quality education for all students in every community. If anyone should decide to apply to TFA, I wish them the best and commend them on making a difference in their life and a student’s life.

    I could care less about the money for a MA degree; I can pay for that myself with student loans and receive a forgivable loan status simply because I am a teacher.

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