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    long-term sub in 5th grade
    By anonymous

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    First, go and observe how the class is run because you want to make as smooth of transition as possible for the kids and yourself. I did not have the opportunity to do this and was just thrown into the classroom. It was stressful. It still is. I have been in this class for 3 months and have a little over a month to go. I can't wait to finish.

    You will be the teacher now, so act like it. You will get a lot of comaparing from the previous teacher and it may hurt you. Don't take it personally.

    Management: I created a management system because I came into a very liberal classroom. I had a positive management system and also had my consequences for students that did not behave. The kids did not like to have consequences and then I had more comparing. They wanted the other teacher to come back. Being a new teacher, this really hurt. Also, many girls in the classroom seemed to be favored by her and I came in treating everyone equally and this obviously bothered those girls.

    The teacher did not have many things ready for me. I was completely lost. I asked other teacher, but there was only so much they could do. I called the teacher a couple times, but again there was only so much info. that I could get.

    I know that my experience sounds negative, but that is because for the most part it was. There are a few students who I think I made a big difference too and that made me feel better and kept me going. This is my experience. I am sorry if it sounds bad, but I did learn a lot.

    If you observe and ask questions and be firm with the kids from the beginning you will be okay.

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