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    First I level the kids with the DRA. Then I make my reading ability groups based on that info and assign the groups a color. When I make the mixed ability center groups, I just make sure that I have kids from different colored reading groups in them. I make a work board for them refer to so they know what center they go to, and I put a little round colored sticker after their name so that they remember what group they are in and so I am sure that I have made mixed groups. Each center has a picture that goes with it. I put 3 or four children's names together on a piece of construction paper and then put three laminated center signs after the names that list the names and pictures of the three centers that they will be going to. You can put magnets or velcro on the backs of the paper. I have two sides, and I switch the names back and forth each day. The board looks like this:

    kids names word building listening magnet

    kids names magnet word building listening

    kids names listening magnet word building

    (The other side)

    kids names computer writing science

    kids names science computer writing

    kids names writing science computer

    If the group went to the word building, listening, and magent centers on Monday, they will go to computer, writing, and science on Tuesday (and vice versa) So, if I pull a child during his/her computer time on Tuesday, I make sure that I don't pull his/her group during computer time on Thursday. It takes a little time to get down a system so that it works, but then things run smoothly. When I need to move a child to a different ability group, then I may have to rearrange the center groups.

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