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    By justanothersub

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    Some of my answers...
    1.Yes if its a good class. I have only ever been left oncewith no plans and never returned to that school (because another sub there told me she had been there a few times and each time she also had no plans.
    2.Yes, always....once I didnt and even though I was called back it was a very risky thing to do. I actually let the class at the end of term play kickball with another teacher's class, instead of completing the work set. Oh... and once the work was tooo difficult for kindergardeners.
    3.Yes and sometimes it is things I have done in a class that worked for me. I use other teachers plans for me.
    4.Yes, hence the foot spa bought by my hubby for me for valentines day lol.
    5.Yes if I understand it...I also carry through any threat I make ...e.g. if a child is being disruptive and I threaten him with contacting admin...I carry it through and do as I threatened too. I let them know at the beginning of the day I do this as well as writing a letter so the teacher knows what happened in the class while they were away.
    6.I try to. I modulate my voice so that I am not shouting and tell them I am not putting up with their noise all day ...I feel to contact the office as soon as u know u r going to get a bad day is the best time...why struggle!
    7. Yep I try to leave it as I find it.
    8. Yes I say who has been really good and who was ok as well as bad behavior.
    9. Good ...I make sure students have helped me tidy up.
    10.Yes I do and I think we all should.
    Hope this is a start to your replies.

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