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    I teach fifth grade and fifth grade is the last year at our school. For graduation we have a mass (Catholic school) in the afternoon for all the fifth graders. They dress up for this occasion; girls wear dresses, skirts, or a nice pair of pants with a blouse and the boys wear dress pants, a collared shirt and a tie. They even get to walk in the church while the Graduation song is playing (you know the song you hear at high school graduations that the graduates walk in to?) The students each have a part in the mass (reading, solo, etc.) and they also pick the songs played at the mass (respectful music for mass obviously, not like rap and modern stuff!) At the end of the mass, "diplomas" are handed out to each student. We don't have an art teacher, the teacher teaches art, so we have the students make their own frame (they get to design it and everything!) and we place the diploma in the frame and hand the diploma to the student in the frame! After diplomas, we have awards. To be fair, I have enough awards that each student gets the same amount. After the ceremony, the students, parent's, and family go to the cafetira and have punch and cake. We have it all decorated with balloons, streamers, etc. After we eat, the students and parents go back into their classroom and the teacher makes a movie about their life until 5th grade! It is really nice! We have the parents bring in baby pictures and some other pictures, if they want such as pictures from the first day of school (any year), field trips, parties, etc. Other teachers around the school bring in their pictures of the students from when they had them! We scan the pictures and make a movie! The students bring in their own tape and they each get one! The fifth graders also get out a day early than the rest of the students (it's a tradition that the fifth graders love!)

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