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    By Cathy-Dee

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    Our school is alarmed as well, but we all have passwords to shut off the alarm if we are staying past the time it is turned on. It doesn't get turned on until the custodial staff are done. When do your custodial staff work?

    We have 5 days prior to the beginning of school and of course we can go in earlier than that if we wish to. During those 5 days we also have inservices so the whole time is not for decorating and set-up but we usually will have 1 to 2 full days for this.

    In general I stay at school until about 5 p.m. most days (kid's leave at 3:20 p.m.) so during that time I do some cleaning, etc.,

    Also once a month we take one or two class periods and do a desk/room clean-up. I assign students to different areas of the room and they take down displays, tidy center areas, etc., While they are doing those areas I work on my desk and shelves. I sometimes also do cleaning during the lunch hour since we have to stay with the students while they eat lunch.

    As far as videos go - I show educational videos quite often (Principal's have a more difficult time arguing a video if you can show how it adds to your curriculum and unit). And I may show a fun video once a month as a reward for good behaviour.

    And we get a couple of prep times a week and I use those wisely. For myself I have learned to close my door whenever my kid's are out or at the end of the day so I can get my work done. Otherwise I'll spend it visiting with colleagues and then I fall behind.

    If you teach an older grade you can have some of your students who finish work quickly do your bulletin boards. They love doing borders, etc.,

    If it is a younger grade they can often handle simple things like taking down a display, etc.,

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