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    By Mary

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    We did a ton of things for Dr. Suess' birthday. One went with "One Fish, Two Fish..." I bought the multi-colored goldfish crackers amd had them glue on a piece of paper labeled one fish_____
    two fish____ red fish____ etc. Then, at the bottom of the page, the children experimented with patterning with the fish.

    Rhyming words with group activity: we alternated strips of red and white paper to build a Dr. Seuss hat. One child came up with two words that rhyme and we wrote them on a strip of red paper and hung it up, then the next child we wrote their words on a strip of white paper... and continued this until the whole class had a turn. At the bottom, I put a strip of black paper and wrote on it with chalk "we can rhyme with Dr. Seuss" (this was the base, a bit longer than the red and white pieces to really make it look more like a hat.)

    Green Eggs and Ham: make a list of green foods, graph how many in the class like which foods. Have a tasting party??

    The First of Octember: (this book is difficult to find) but after reading it, my class each dictated a story to me and/or my co-teacher about what they would do or have if they could do/have anything they wanted. We ended each story with...and we can or and we can have this on the first of Octember. Then, each child illustrated their stories.

    I also made a rhyme match game. I made this to be used on the flannel board, but regular pieces or magnetic or any way really would work. I made pieces of different items, for example a bat and a hat and they had to figure out and put together the items that rhymed together. (a worksheet with connecting a line from one picture to another would work also, but I know my children need hands-on.

    I have a ton of others if you want to e-mail me, I'd be glad to help!

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