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    Noise levels and gaining quiet
    By Bev

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    I am fairly new to subbing in Florida, but wish I could go back to a few of the classes that made me feel the way you do now ...because I know I am a better teacher now than when I started.
    I used to raise my voice a lot I remain calm and speak in a voice that is fairly constant(mainly because back in Britain I had trouble with losing my voice and even ended up having scarring on my larynx please dont raise your voice k).
    I stop and say I wont raise my voice over you so you need to be quiet now. If it looks like you are losing the battle go to the buzzer to call someone this usually gains the quiet you want and tell them the next time you feel the need to walk over there you will be buzzing and they have a lot of explaining to do. This works ...but you have to take the action you say you are going to. Oh and if you know you are going to need to call someone the sooner you do this in the day the better it will work for you ...dont think this is making you seem incompetent everyone out there knows kids push subs to see how far they can...most Principals are very good about being there when you need them.
    The color changing works too yet I have only just figured out how this works.
    I also tried putting a big smiley face and a big sad face on the board and put their names in this when u want to limit recess for them or if you want to reward them. Be wary though little ones can go up and cross out their name thinking you wont notice so I write them down too lol.
    Don't make the mistake I did by saying to the students if they behave they can write their own names in the face because you will have a continual stream of children asking to write their name in it lol.

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