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    By bonnie

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    Some things you might want to try are:
    1. Readers Theater... students have parts to read not act or memorize. They do however usually practice their parts so often they do know them. They practice their parts dozens of times (in class and at home), this practice helps them to read fluently. This does transfer to other reading. They need multiple (like 8) exposures to increase the fluency.

    2. choral reading

    3. poetry... I give a poem every few days and introduce it and we read it. I read it model it discuss it etc.. then they echo then they read. Then we read a few oldies but goodies afterwards plus every chance we have a few minutes to spare we get out the poetry folders. Kids need lots of exposures to same material to be fluent at it and this way provides it without saying reread it again.

    4. Whenver we read stories (shared reading) we find neat ways to read it again. They practice parts (pages or sections) and be experts on, or we take 1 minute timers and each read for a minute the whole stroy, or practice with a few partners and tape the story so I can hear it on my way home, buddy read. I wnt them to get lots of opportunities to reread but don't want them to say oh no not agin... they don't.

    5. timed readings... a partner times you on a cold reading on a brief passage 150 words. You time them, mark the plae you were when 1 min. went off, practice few times together both choral silent echo etc.... retime practice on their own few times ( I use phones made out of about 4 inch lengths of pvc pipe with elbows on both ends what a GODSEND) retime agian work til see progress and reach their goal (which they had set with partner after cold reading... mine are usually around 100 words read correctly per min

    There's lots more but this should keep them busy awhile and improving at the same time.

    Good Luck

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