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    classroom man.
    By michele

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    Hi! I forgot about the "magic student"...I'm going to try that soon! I teach a Jr. 1st class, and behavior is definately a big issue in our room! I find that one strategy works for awhile, then I need to switch to a different one. (my base rules are always the same, butit seems that the infractions change with the seasons )

    I really try to use more positive reinforcement, many of my kids are yelled at all night, so I try to kill them with kindness...

    Some quick techniques I use:
    "If you are listening ________" ALOT.
    I like how __________ is sitting quietly."

    I try to ignore the outbursts, but call on those who raise their hands and wait quietly...though this is HARD for me to remember to do!

    I have a smiley face and frowny face on the white board, when I catch a kid being good they write their name under the smiley face. When I catch them misbehaving...they write it under the frowning face. at the end of the day, the smiley face kids get a small reward. (this is somehting I did at the beg. of the year...but I don't now.)

    I now use a clip system, we have 5 colors on a board ranging from red (stop), yellow (slow down and think), white (neutral0, orange (good job), and green (super excellent job). Each day the clips start on the white, and move up and down as needed. At the end of the day, I send notes to kids on the green (pos.) or red (neg). We just started this, but love it so far (I say move your pin to the left (neg side) when I catch them talkign etc. or move to the right when I catch them being good). I have made deals with 3 of my worst offenders to call mom when they get to stay on white all day!

    I'm not sure if these ideas help, I just try to be consistent...and that is SO hard to remember to do!

    I started teaching by combining kids from 3 other classes also, so I know how you are feeling.

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