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    rude hateful students
    By AMW

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    HI Jennie. I am long-term subbing in a 3rd gd. class in the inner city (teacher walked out 2nd week of school) and pardon me for saying this but I've been to hell and back with these rude, hateful, disrespectful students. I honestly didnt know students could be like this. I've heard the ole "these kids just need someone to love them" and the "poverty mentality" explainations however their attitude gets on my last nerve just about everyday.

    That said - I have this advice "Pick your battles'. If I referral every student for offenses that I really do think are referrable I'd be teaching to 1 little boy with a speech impairment and a 1 little girl who doesnt talk - really! The first thing I did when I took over the class was call some parents ( I could only find working numbers for about 5 students but hey I tried) Then I went in and said "OK I've called 5 parents and the rest of you are next" - Those 5 said "yeah she really did!". I wasnt crappy to the parents but i did say that certain behaviors will not be tolerated and that his/her child was "really smart" but making unwise decision with regards to behavior" that helped some. then I got strict - really strict - with the behavior management.

    What I do is based on a turn your card system - green, yellow, blue, red. I turn cards when they are rude or hateful to me. Period- no questions - if they argue with me they go right to red. But at any point in the day they have a chance to get back a color. Good behavior is rewarded for all to see at the end of the day and on Friday -- candy, free time, extra P.E. time on Friday. Record all bad behaviors and I think that if you can document a continuing cycle of hatefulness for about maybe 3 days then a referral may be in order - talk to the principal for any really bad apples because I had 2 realllly hateful little monsters and the counselor did help.
    good luck please feel free to email me anytime directly for a peptalk.

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