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    I'm sorry for your frustrations. I have some suggestions for you. I would start off by explaining to your class about the math book and the test. Tell them that they will work on Celsius for about a week (or a little shorter). Then offer a test again. I'm guessing their weren't a lot of good grades on this test. If some had good grades, you can explain that everyone will be participating in the review, but if they did well on the test, they don't have to take the second test, but they should have something to do when the second test is going on that isn't distracting. You can review these again by having centers. You might want to have one or two days where you teacher and use the rest for centers. Here are some center ideas:

    1. Simple thermometer reads. Make thermometers and have temperatures on them in celsious and have the students write them down on a sheet of paper.

    2. Poster/magizine project: Have a bunch of old magizines (you can have the students bring some in, check with other teachers, bring your own, ask the librarian if she is planning on discarding any of them, etc.) have the students cut out 5-10 pictures of things and glue them on the poster. Have them write an estimated celsius temperature for the picture. For example if someone found a picture of a beach, the could estimate what the temperature could be there.

    3. Season station: Have the students write out each season and have them write the celcius temperatures that might be right for all the seasons.

    Here are just some suggestions. If you decide to do this and you give another test on it, you can write it yourself instead of using the book's test. If your book has more tests for the same unit, you can look through it and when you pass out the test, you can specify what what unit they should use. I recomend you look over the test or write your own for all of the tests you give. You can do a mixture of both, too. If you decide to reintroducethis unit, I also recomend that you write a note home to the parent's explaining what you plan to do and how you have been frustrated with the math tests.

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