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    A few things
    By justanothersub

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    Just thought I would add something.
    Candy I avoid mainly because I am a nurse as well as a teacher and to give out what we call 'swish' with one hand, yet give candy in another I find hard to do lol
    Also I had an experience with an education student (intern) who was running the class (nice day for me!). She had a few college friends come in to do an activity with the class which involved candy and I could see even she was unaware of it, so I knew the regular teacher must have been unaware of it.
    First time for me in that class, but, I had the sense to ask the student if there were any children with peanut allergy etc. I could see snickers bars etc out there ready for the winners of the activity.
    She put her hand over her mouth and said oh yes I forgot!...hmmm now who do u think would have been held responsible should an allergic reaction have occurred....yep moi!
    I looked over all the candy which included things that had no mention of nuts with them and surprisingly,if chocolate, they nearly all said made with machines that have used peanuts ...As a nurse I know thats enough for a violent reaction in some people.
    What I am trying to say is ....dont give out candy pleeeeease unless the teacher leaves specific instructions and even then, I am always wary incase she has forgotten an allergy (will sometimes ask the nurse in such a case me a worrier I dont care but better safe than sorry.)
    Treats can be stickers or even pencils or something small ...I pick up things at garage sales sometimes and make a treasure box up and let children choose if they r really good (works for younger ones).
    The other thing I wanted to say is ...dont avoid the staffroom.....this is where you have teachers offering their support in a good school and will help if u have any problems happening.
    If you have a degree in education you will most likely want a full time job some day and your best friends can be teachers who will support your application if they like you. I made business cards and gave them out too if it was a school I liked and wanted to return to.

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