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    Mrs. Hitchcock, my daughter
    By Autumn Dawn

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    Hello. Please excuse me for posting on your board. The girls in this thread are my daughters. Samantha is 12 and Tabitha is 6. Samantha accurately described the abilities of Tabitha, her concerns, and the issues we are having keeping Tabitha interested in school. Samantha located this board on her own, posted without permission, and I found out and required her to post an apology.

    My reason for posting now is to quash any budding conspiracy theories that she is a mad poster from back whenever. Also, to request that since Samantha was concerned enough about this issue to do the research to even find your board, I respectfully request that you either ignore her post, especially if you think it is below yourself to answer a mere child, or respond with valid suggestions, as we are at our wits end on a solution other than returning Tabitha to homeschool.

    I do not applaud her manner in which she posted, she should have be truthful in her approach. She just did not think anyone would think her concerns were worth replying to if she admitted she was only 12.

    To reiterate the question in adult terms: Tabitha is 6, she started reading at 3 and doing math before she was 4. She has caught up to her sister in math, including doing such things as adding fractions with unequal denominators, geometry, and some beginning algebra. Her reading skills are such that she reads literally anything she picks up, including books I purchase for myself. Her verbal vocabulary is well beyond children her age, making her feel she has to dumb it up to be understood. She is embarrassed that she needs special work, because what the rest of the class is doing is too easy.

    The problem in my eyes is her deciding to really dumb up to fit it. Socializing aside, I do not see value in her attending school at her grade level, even in a Montessori class, as she is still starving for new challenges. I do not know if she can make it through grade 3 without loosing her spark prior to grade advancement.

    This said, I am concerned moreso as I was just like her in elementary and I dropped out of school in 10th grade from boredom. I am hoping to change the cycle and see that she gets the challenge she needs.

    Thank you,

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