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    Strage parents
    By Doni

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    I really feel for you. I had a parent like that last year. It didn't help that her perfect child didn't pay attention in class, and so mom was only ever getting part of what was going on. Her daughter missed three words on a spelling test one time, and mom demanded I count them right saying that was how I had spelled them. NO, her daughter had copied them down wrong. She then demanded that I send home a printed list each week. When I told her "no" that 5th graders were old enough to copy their own spelling words, ,she went to the principal. She went to the school board another time because I was not using the agendas the way she thought they should be used. She was training her child to use an agenda as a planner like a business person would use. She wanted all communication between me and home in the agenda instead of printed in newsletters. She wanted me to copy all communication from the school and county into the agenda as well, instead of given the kids letters. I told her I had 25 students and that was not possible, and she said that I was ill preparing the students for the realities of the business world.

    I have a couple of real winners this year too. I got a call this week from a mom who was really angry because I had taken a ticket from her son. My classroom is set up in four teams (kind of like the houses in Harry Potter), students can earn or lose tickets for their team. The winning team each week gets a treat, and the winning team for the six weeks gets a pizza lunch with me. This child has no self control (which the mom admits) and screams out constantly in class. I took a ticket from him because I had just told the students I wanted NO talking while I set up the science demonstration. Within two seconds he started yelling out at me telling me what I was doing wrong. I took the ticket, and of course his team mates were not happy with him.

    Yesterday I had another parent call to complain that 4-H camp cost $210. I reminded her it was not school sponsored and was an optional summer camp. She then lit in to me because we are not going as a school to the 4-H camp. WELL, we aren't going as a school BECAUSE IT IS TOO EXPENSIVE!

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