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    More words of wisdom...
    By Heather

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    or tricks of the trade.

    I was a sub for many years while working to get my degree. Over the years I learned that this person's advice may not work, while the others' did.

    Here are mine:

    Don't let em see ya sweat! They will feed off of that, and begin to get out of control, or try to control you.

    Be firm, yet flexible. What I mean by that is if the teacher says NO RECESS, tell them that if they finish their work, you will play a game with them such as 7 up (something quiet). This allows them to work towards something.

    Bring pencils, erasers, or things of that sort. I never brought candy because of a story that I heard about a sub who gave a 2nd grader candy, and he was on a strict sugar free diet, made him go into seizures. I also never bring toys. They are against school policy.

    Don't depend on the teacher to leave you with enough work, or any at all. SOME teachers leave on an emergency, and can't leave any, or some just don't leave any at all, or not enough to last the whole day. A good book catered to that age level, maybe an educational film (something short). For example, a class was learning about black history, so I brought in a video on MLK, and Rosa Parks. It was educational, revelant to the lesson, and MAKE SURE YOU GET IT APPROVED BEFORE SHOWING IT! Some administrators are picky about that.

    If you can, meet the teacher ahead of time. Ask her questions. Important things to ask....

    What is your policy about______________?
    Where can I find_____________?
    Are there any students that need special atten. or have to leave for certain lessons?
    Will you be leaving extra assignments in case they finish early?
    Do I have to fill in for you before or after school for a duty?
    And so on. You may feel like the teacher hates to answer your questions, but they will appreciate you trying to get as much knowledge as possible.

    Don't forget, leave notes, detailed ones. You don't have to write a novel, but keep her informed of things going on while she is gone. She will really appreciate that alot. (I know I do).

    I am sorry that this is so long.... .you may email me for more tips. I have tons of them, and keep in mind, mine may not work as well as someone else's.

    Good Luck!

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