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    Valentine Gifts
    By Darci

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    Hi! A little late for Valentine's Day, but if you are like me, you will tuck the ideas away for next year!
    One of my students brought me the cutest gift this year. I have decided to make it for my students next year.
    It is a shiny piece of silver wrapping paper cut into a square. You fold it over making a triangle shape, but the back comes up beyond the top....making sort of a flat cone shape with the inside of the paper showing at the top. (This makes the form of a bunch of roses wrapped to deliver.) Inside he placed four heart-shaped suckers and just taped them inside so that they stick up into the part showing in the back. It looks just like a small rose bouquet!
    You will probably have to experiment with the paper is difficult to describe in here. (Sorry.)
    I also do the candy hearts thing! (And my kids love them as well....Ha!) I give them each a small box of them and they must estimate the number inside. We then dump them out and we sort them by color and graph them. We also use them as Valentine Bingo markers. Last of all, we have a contest to see who can stack them the highest! How funny! (Just make sure that you do that on a table if your desks are slanted.) I always buy a bag of them to eat when we are done with the activities......the ones we work with are often glued onto paper to make simple sentences, or we throw them away since the hearts have been handled so much. I always give my class a goodie bag with a pencil with 10 leads inside (Not the machanical ones, but the ones in which the lead is taken out of the bottom and placed in the top as needed), an activity book (if you buy them in the party favor isle, you get 8 to a pack), a finger puppet, a heart eraser, and my valentine to them! (I find great sales after V-Day and store them in my room to fill the bags the next year!)
    For the party, I have each child bring in a bag of candy (containing the number of candy pieces so that each child gets at least one). I give them a plastic Valentine cup and we take turns dropping the candy in each one. (I get a different cup for each holiday. The kids love it and it really holds quite a bit if you get the larger size.) I bring the drinks since they supply the candy, but I bring extra candy for those who are unable to bring from home. Darci

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