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    YEA! The Ocean
    By Kim

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    AH, a girl after my heart . . .the Ocean is my ALL TIME FAVORITE unit to teach . .

    I have TONS of ideas . . it depends on where you are going with this . . .I can outline a few of the things I do and if you need more info then e-mail me . . .

    I first off want to tell you I teach Kindergarten in a school that is 99% Hispanic and I speak 1% Spanish . . .they are roundy and active and everything I have done has been HUGLY successful . .

    I focus more on the Ocean, especially whales. They learn about the whales and what they can do. breech, spyhop, etc. Then we write a HUGE class book called A Whale of a Tale based on Brown Bear - so it goes like this . .
    Susie Susie, what do you see,
    I see a whale breeching at me . . . .etc They LOVE it. We have a HUGE publication party with cake and punch, invite parents and adminstration and the kids read "their' page. They get all dressed up and we talk about authors and illustrators . . talk about fun

    We also have a fish tasting - this is a RIOT. Each family signs up for a fish to bring in from squid - to shark to canned calm chowder. You do NOT need much it is a TASTE . . .make sure you have LOTS of catusp. I give each child a taste but do NOT tell them what it is until they have tried it. Then we graph results. Paretns are ALWASY amazed at what their kids ate!

    We read House for Hermit Crab. I make sandpaper blocks and when the crab goes. "scritch scratch' all the kids use the blocks. Then as a class we make crab cakes . .Those go over BIG . .everyone loved those.

    I also make a 'life' size whale. I take the long longs of butcher paper and tape two pieces together - to make one HUGE piece . .I do that twice. Then I draw an Orca. The kids then paint him all black. Then we stuff him with newspaper and staple or hot glue hm together and hang him from the ceiling. He is HUGE and IMPRESSIVE. The kids LOVE it. and it is easy.

    I also do a project about how much of the earth is covered in water. I give them a paper circle cut into 12 even slices. They are to color how much they think is water blue and land brown. Then I bake a pie blueberrys are the water and strawberries are the land . .it is delicious and a great visual and of course the kids love it.

    These are only a few of the ocean ideas I use. I would love to chat with you to share any others should you need more -or to discuss others if this is not what you were looking for . . .

    Good Luck . .


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