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    By Darci

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    Hope this helps.....I teach first grade too. We do calendar, weather, days in school, lunch graphing, etc. during our circle time (Math Meeting). It has been an life-saver for me!

    We had a student teacher next door who came up with the idea of xeroxing copies for the children to fill out during circle time. It goes along with our "Wall" and we do it together. The kids love helping those who need help and the wiggles stopped! Although it is difficult to explain completely without showing you the pages, I will describe them.

    1) The first page is always a calendar page. It usually has a monthly picture and then a blank calendar on it. We copy the number day on it, discuss the month and days of the week too.
    2) Page two has a simple weather graph on it. The types of weather (sunny, rainy, snowy, cloudy) are at the bottom and then a blank graph goes up the page. The students fill it in daily.
    3) Page three is a blank 100's graph and each day we fill in a certain amount of the blanks. (I usually do 10 numbers a day......the chart is filled in 10 days.) At the bottom of this page is just a small blank graph that is titled "Number of School Days." We begin with the number of school days each month and add another number each day. (This month we started on the 89th day so we have added 89, 90, 91, and 93 days so far this week. Each month you start with whatever day you are on.)
    4) Page four is a page of patterns. With just _____, ____, ____, and so on (about 5 or 6 lines across for each day and then make how many rows you want to do that month. Mine is about 6 lines across, but I have about 15 rows at least. Each day we begin with a number and then write the even numbers (8,10,12,14,16,18) or even or by 5's or 10's (whatever....but different each day). You can also do shape patterns.
    5)The last page is filled with drawings of cups with a line beside each one. I hold up coins and we draw them (I found that the different size coins is no problem, but we color in the pennies with our pencils.....easier to count). We count the money together and then write in the correct amount (complete with the cent sign) on the line.

    The kids absolutely love this! One month I forgot to run it and they flipped out! Of course I ran it that night! What I do is I have a clipboard for each child and I clip the papers on it the first day of that month. They color the calendar picture for morning work and then bring the board and papers to Morning Circle time. (Be sure to have them write their names either down the side or the bottom of the page. The top cannot be seen easily.) I have a baggy of sharpened pencils and we just pass that around each day so that they do not have to bring one from their desks. Easier!
    When we are done, the pencil baggy is passed, and I take up the clipboards (with the papers on them) and store them in a couple of plastic crates. They are then ready each day!
    For the students who are absent, I just add the day on the calendar, the weather sign, the 10 numbers and the days we have been in school. I do not add the patterns or the coins if they are not there.
    It is great how they begin to silently help each other. I explained that "peeking" is permitted if you are lost during Math Meeting. That we are learning together back here! Hope it works for you! Darci

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