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    Touch Math
    By sp.ed.

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    The Touch Math program has a good idea to teach and reinforce counting by 5's to count money. Students learn to "tap" or touch once for nickels, twice for the value of a dime, and five times for the value of a quarter. There are visual cues (one dot on the nickel, two dots for the dime and five dots for the quarter), auditory cues and tactile/kinesthetic cues.

    You might be able to make your own chart.

    For the nickel there is one dark dot in the center of the nickel.

    For the dime there are two dots, one centered just above and one just below the dime but still touching the dime.

    For the quarter place the dots in this design superimposed on top of the quarter:

    * *


    * *

    Students can also advance to counting mixed coins using this technique. For pennies they need to learn to stop counting by 5's and just add one more.

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