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    Get attention!
    By A

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    Here are some techniques i have used in the past to get students attention when they are too loud.

    1. "Give me 5" - Students raise hands and close mouths - at least thats the way it's supposed to work!

    2. For younger students I really like this one - I cant remember it word for word but it's like this you hold up your hand and point to your mouth and say "Stop talking" and they say it back to you while pointing at their mouth. you point to your eyes and say Look at the teacher and they say and do it back to you. then you put your hands on your ears and say listen to the teacher and they do the same.

    3. One of my favorites is the clap. You do a distinctive clap like 1 loud and 3 quick claps they repeat. You do a different clap and they repeat. It gets their attention without you having to yell over them - especially older elementary.

    good luck

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