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    By Kristen

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    directions: I first passed out 11'by 9' white construction paper (the extra long). Then with either their shoe on or off, they had to trace their foot somewhere on the paper. When they finished, they would then look at the map of the continents (it was in their textbook) and decided which country they wanted their "shoe island" next too. For example, many of them had their shoe island above Antartica and to the left (west) of Africa. Then they had to label what ocean their island was in. They had to make sure their placement of the countries was correct. I only had them do the countries and oceans for this project. They chose about 2-3 countries to put in their picture. When they were finished drawing, they colored in everything. They also drew the compass rose at the bottom of the paper to show N,S,E,W. It really helped with their map skills and to study the continents. I hope this helps. I'm sorry if it seems confusing.

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