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    You should hear my Yeller
    By Teacher

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    I am 20 yrs younger than my lady colleague who teaches Grade 1 like me. I have 12 yrs teaching experience. I can relate because this is going on at my school NOW. The reason? Because my colleague and I are like chalk and cheese- opposites! She screams, I don't.

    It's a BIG deal among parents!!!! Some want their child changed into my class asap. The Principal is doing the right thing by not budging, but it happened last year and I DID get the child in my class!

    Well, it's good that Christy IS a teacher, 'cos she understands our job is not easy. But my colleague is not happy in herself and I can tell by this teaching style-- which has never changed really! I think teachers like this need a drastic change or a break. If my child was in Christy's situation, yes, I would more than likely swap her class too. It's tough though because you shouldn't undermine or judge teachers. We wouldn't like it now would we?!

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