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    math games--unifix cubes
    By Jessica

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    How about using math games that require counting objects? Last week, we played 2 games that make the kids count unifix cubes. Both games are from a book called Developing Number Sense using Unifix Cubes.

    Game 1--Race to Make a Staircase
    Object of the game is to build a staircase. (1 tower of 1 unifix cube, a tower of 2, a tower of 3, ...until a tower of 6. You stand them next to eachother so they look like stairs. This is a partner game. Player 1 rolls the dice and builds a tower of that many cubes. Player 2 does the same. They keep going until someone comletes a staircase of 6. If a player rolls a number they already have, they lose that turn.

    Game 2--Race to Make 30. Similar object--using unifix cubes, make a long tower of 30. Each player rolls the dice and adds that number of cubes to the tower. This tower has to stay flat on the ground. Keep going until 30. Partner game.

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