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    Seven Step Organizer
    By StephR

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    When I was in college taking my ed courses, my professor gave me this great graphic organizer that really helped to lay out exactly what I wanted to do. It is not scanned onto the computer so I will try my best to outlay the parts to you.

    Objective: (The students will...)
    Standards Addressed:
    Anticipatory Set:
    Accessing Prior Knowledge
    Materials Needed
    Direct Instruction: (Teaching the lesson)
    Guided Practice: (Having the students work while you walk around and help)
    Independent Practice: (Homework)
    Intellegences Accessed: (Kinestetic, visual, etc...)
    Adaptations: (ELLs, LDs, gifted, etc...)
    Curricular Integrations: (What other subjects did this lesson address?)

    The graphic organizer has it spread out in a visually appealing way that made it really easy to organize how the lesson was going to go. And of course, not all of the sections had to be filled in. But this really helped me during teacher training to get the basics of the lesson out! Hope it helps!!

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