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    an idea
    By ADK

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    how about "Has the Cat Got Your Tongue?
    (submitted by jacqueline Miller, Churchland Academ Elem. Portsmouth, VA)
    Students work to improve their enunciation skills and to communicte effectively by taking part in a tongue-twister speaking competition. Then they write tongue twisters on their own!
    Objectives: practice effective communication skills, identify and correct errors when repeating several tongue twisters, have fun with language as they write their own...
    Materials Needed: copies of printed list of tongue twisters:
    Sample Tongue Twisters:
    Bill's feet feel beat
    Dean's Meals means deals
    Sherry hates hairy states
    Rubber baby buggy bumper
    Quick throats, thick quotes
    Great gray gaping grape grates
    Luther's sleuthing's useless truth
    Silly sheep still asleep
    Trains lack lain track
    Gail's maid mailed jade
    Where's Squire's spare wires?
    Shriek, screak, squawk, and squeak
    Twitching, walking witches talking
    Willie's really weary
    Mister, whither sister's zither?
    She sees seashells by the seashore.
    Sixty silly sisters simply singing
    Great glass globes gleam green
    Frank's peers pranks feared
    Their skis scare these

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