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    By lynn

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    I played a game with my family called 99...but I think it may be too advanced for 3rd graders...but I have played it with my 4th graders. You need a deck of cards. The cards are worth whatever number they are. The face cards are 10 and the Aces are worth 11.
    YOu get 3 cards. The 1st person lays a card down and say the total. Then the next person adds to that total. You keep going until you get to 99. Each time you lay a card down, you must pick one up or you are stuck with 2 cards.
    Here is the trick of the game. "9" can hold the sum at 99 only. Jacks can add or subtract 10 at anytime. The object of the game is not to get stuck because you can not go over 99. It is good to have 9's and Jacks in your hand.

    My kids love it and they don't realize that they are doing mental math and practicing adding.
    I am sorry if this is a confusing explantion. If you want more info...I will try to explain it better.

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