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    subtraction games...
    By LI Z

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    We play subtraction baseball to reveiw math facts. I used subtraction flash cards and break the class up into 2 even teams. I have an odd number of students, so I pick one student to play on both teams. At home plate. they are asked a math fact. If they get it right, they go to 1st base...if the get it wrong, it is an out and take the number 1 tag and put it under the "outs" sign for his/her team. Then the second students come up and of he/she get it right then they go to first base and the other student goes to second.....and so forth and so on. We record the number of homeruns on the board. We generally play three innings. After three innings, whoever has the most homeruns wins. I might let the losing team line up first or the winning team get a drink first. I am very careful to make the students know that this is just a game and it doesn't matter if you win or lose, but that you are learning math facts. I do this with addition and spelling words. Hope it

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