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    Third Grade Chatterboxes
    By Grayce

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    I can't believe how many third grade teachers I've talked to this year have the same complaint. This is the chattiest 3rd grade I've had in 6 years. They are totally uninhibited and have no clue that their incessant taking is unacceptable behavior.

    Right now I'm using a token system. Each day every child is given 5 connecting cubes. When they break a rule, they submit a cube and write their name on the board. One cube is a warning. Two means a 5 minute loss of recess. Three is 10 minutes off. Four is a call home to the parent. Five is a meeting with the principal. Each child who retains the 5 blocks for the day receives a small sticker to add to a chart with 20 boxes. (I may be cutting back to 15.) When the chart is full, the child trades it in for a "No Homework Coupon" and gets a new chart. Students may also earn extra stickers for exceptionally good behavior or good deeds.

    This class has had a reputation of being extremely talkative since kindergarten. They are getting better with this behavior modification tactic. But will it last??? If not, I'll use one of the posted ideas or combine two.

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