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    6th grade classroom management
    By Ginger

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    Put in place some preventive strategies: I have posted procedures for independent work time (silent, in your seat, raise hand for help, read silently while waiting for help, etc). You need these for group work or partner work also. I usually don't put more than three things for a specific procedure. Also don't get "stuck" with one student. "Praise, prompt, and leave" - "good, you have your first sentence written, now write one detail . ."
    Tell students what they need to do. Don't make it about you - "You need to return to your seat and take out your book." rather than "I want you to. . ."
    Post an agenda so they can see what they will be doing that day. Have everything prepared and ready so transition times are short or non-existent.
    They would rather visit with friends than do their homework. They are interested in NOW.
    Stay Firm, Assertive, Neutral. (I used to have an index card up on my back wall (for me) with the letters FAN.
    I also do lights out. It will take some retraining. Tell students learning time is being compromised and in order for more learning to occur, the classroom needs to be structured differently. My class is not silent, but they are co-operative.

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