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    By ANNIE

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    I just completed a five week long sub assignment in a sxth grade in a situation very similar to yours. I'm hoping to get a full time job through my subbing experience, but was afraid to even approach the principal about that because I had so little control over my class. The talking, (and talking and talking and talking)was driving me crazy.

    I don't have any good answers for you, but I do have a specific question if anyone can help. What is a specific and effective procedure to get class started quickly and quietly? The kids would come into class loudly and clowning around; I remind them to get pencils sharpened, make sure they have paper, take out homework, etc., but it always seems to take ten or fifteen minutes to get settled, and then when we do get started it's a pencil shapening marathon, and half the class has no paper, book, homework, etc.

    I feel like this a problem with me as much as it is the students, because it doesn't seem to be such an issue to other teachers. I feel like I'm always rushing through the lesson, with no real time to give feedback, the kids are thoroughly lost, and I never finish everything I planned.

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