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    Subbing for middle school
    By mi vida loca

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    That is a great idea to keep them in line. What usually works for me ( I've been in middle school for 5 years now), is that I tell them, "You are old enough to control yourselves, and most of the class knows me by now, you are rewarded for your good behavior." This almost all the time, gets them thinking, and behaving properly. I do have an advantage of them knowing me, and how I operate. They also know what happens when the misbehave.

    I allow a couple of extra minutes before class ends for those who behave well, and for the ones who don't, spend the entire class working. It really bothers them to see the others having a great conversation while they have to read, or write.

    You have a great idea, I am glad that you have found it to work for you. I will, if you don't mind, suggest other subs ( I am like the head sub for my school the mentor, if you will), to read your suggestion on here, and try to adapt it to thier class.

    If you have anything else that you find a success in your class, let us know, even though I have been subbing for many years now, I am still needing and open for advise and pointers!

    Hava a great day!

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