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    What about the children and their parents?
    By Diane

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    Sometimes I think we forget that we are influencing children that are not ours. As a parent, I would be outraged if my son or daughter was a student of an unmarried, pregnant teacher. That is a subject that parents have the right not to have children exposed to in the classroom. None of us are perfect and I'm not judging you for becoming pregnant but I would have a big problem with that situation being inflicted on my children without my consent. Of course, it is not fair that a male teacher who got someone else pregnant would not be asked to do the same (take a leave of absence), but that doesn't change the fact that men don't get pregnant and their bosses wouldn't have to find out. That may not be fair to women in general but exposing children to this situation doesn't make the situation fair for women and it becomes unfair to children and parents. I think exposing other people's children to this will only bring about controversy. This is not about you gaining acceptance for your situation. This is about not crossing the boundaries with other people's children by exposing them to a situation that will inevitably upset some parents and will have some lasting influence on their children. We are here to serve children and to do what is in their best interest, not our own.

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