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    By Jennifer in OK

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    I am just getting into this research with my students. I am having them do a couple of things. First, they are doing the traditional report. The other thing they are doing is a data disk. A former colleague used this with her kids and I liked the idea, so I am borrowing it. They get a circle disk printed on card stock. It is divided into 6 parts with a small circle left in the middle. In the middle, they are to draw a picture of their explorer. On the six pieces surrounding the picture, they write 6 items of info: birth/death, nationality, what they are known for, early life, something interesting about them, and for the life of me I am drawing a blank on the last one. I want to say it is where they explored. I had a list of 22 explorers and I cut their names into strips and each student drew a name. They use the same explorer for both projects. They don't have anyone else in the class doing their explorer. They will have several weeks to complete this. I think my due date is Nov. 5. They have also been told this is a big part of their grade for the 2nd quarter in SS. I am also giving them an English grade on the 2 since writing is involved.

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