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    Bathroom Pass
    By Vanessa

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    I have a little stick that I picked up at the dollar store. It has an apple on the top and has hall pass written on it. If a child needs to go to the washroom they write their name on the board, bring me the stick and go. Upon returning they must get the stick back from me, place it on the blackboard ledge, and erase their name.

    It helps me as I have the stick in my hand as a reminder, and the child's name on the board. Because only one child may leave at a time, I stay on top of who is where and it keeps management easier.

    I do not allow trips outside of the classroom for drinks, as they may go in the morning before the bell goes, during morning snack, on their way to and from morning recess, during lunch, on their way to and from noon recess, during afternoon snack,on their way to and from afternoon recess (total 10 drinks a day). I also allow water bottles on their desks. A behaviour consultant once gave me this idea about using a bathroom stick.

    It helps a lot- once they all try it of course (because it is so fun). Once the novelty wears off, they really go only if they need to. Hope this helps


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