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    be in my shoes
    By ck

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    I can sympathize with you. You can sure use a break from the kids as much as they can use a break from you and the classroom. And I don't think your school should have a double standard; everyone should have equal time. Has this issue been brought up to your union reps? Perhaps this is an issue that should be/could be addressed in the next contract!
    Things could be worse! I teach ECE special ed. My students start to come into my room at 7:45. They are 3 & 4 yrs old, so they're too young to play outside with the "big kids" until school starts at 8:00. They are with me all morning, until I put them on the bus at 10:45. I then have 45 minutes to eat lunch, do any phones or paperwork, go to the bathroom and reset my classroom for my afternoon class. The afternoon buses can start to arrive before 11:30, so even that time may be cut short. I have these students until 2:30, when I put them on buses. Therapists do come into my room, but they work with the children 1:1 or in pairs, while I continue to work with the others. When I'm pressed for that potty break, I have had to make a mad dash while the therapist was in the room. They have been very understanding! So...remember that some teachers don't get that break on ANY day!

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