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    Inner city
    By Grace

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    Your class sounds a bit like mine. i have found music to be a help in calming them down, but I would never put it on as background because as Sari said I would be distracted by it and it would just be another noise to talk over. After a noisy part of the day I would put on one short piece of music, but give something specific for them to listen for eg where it gets louder, softer, a certain instrument comes in, a cymbal crash etc. I give points or stars for the day's best listener. I would play the same piece for a few days and revisit the ones that children like best. Marches are always good be it Liberty bell by Sousa or Radetsky March by Strauss. I play all sorts of music- Easy listening, brass band, orchestra, South American, Spanish etc. However, I do let them clap or play with the music- you could make your own percussion instruments if you don't have any. I would be the conductor first and then let a child who has watched carefully take over. We also sing a lot- songs with actions to let off some steam. We also get up and do brain gym exercises on the spot when they start to get restless.
    having said all that I am still exhausted at the end of the day, but I do see a little light at the end of the tunnel. Good luck. You are not alone. Grace

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