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    managine homework
    By Carolyn/5th grade

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    I have 25 students this year. I manage homework by walking around the room and inspecting it very quickly to see that everybody has completed it. If it isn't completed, then I have the child or children who haven't completed it sign my homework log sheet. They have to write their excuse, what's missing, date it, and provide their signature. I collect it and return it to my log book. At the end of the week, I send it home with their test papers, etc. for parents to sign. The parents can see first-hand what their children are forgetting and why they haven't done it. You get some interesting reasons sometimes, and many of them sound like poor excuses. "I went to a party and got home late. I didn't get to do it." We then check our homework as a class. The students are required to self-check their homework. I explain to them that I'm not going to grade it myself, but I will look over it to see how they did with it.

    After we check homework in class, I have the student helpers collect the work and place it into a basket. It goes home on Fridays with their other work in their KEEP side of the take-home folder. I have told the parents that their children will grade their own work. I am sending it home so that they can see what their children do each day.

    By the way, I collect everything the kids do so that they don't get trashy.

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