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    Sports Theme Ideas....
    By Janine

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    I teach 8th grade, and I have a sports theme this year. I'll try to share my "baseball" ideas.

    First of all, I have two great "Brain Teaser" books for sports. The first one is "Sports Math" by Fran Schaffer Publications; the second, is "Sports Brainteasers 4th Grade and Up". I have the class divided into teams (groups of 4). I found a diagram of different sports fields (football, baseball, etc) at a sporting goods store. It is actually a coach's clipboard, with many different sports. I enlarged them at Kinko's on the poster machine. Each team competes by completing brain teasers from the sports books and other activities. In football, the teams have a football at the 50 yard line, and each time they "win" a contest/activity, they move 10 yds. The team with the most touchdowns or the first to a certain number is the winner.

    Back to baseball, I found baseball bags of popcorn. The kids love it. I also found a lot of baseball decorations at Party City, if you have one close. You could have a "World Series Party" for the winners of your "game".

    I have several signs in my room:
    Teamwork: Jobs

    Attitudes are Contagious, Is Your's Worth Catching?

    You'll always miss 100% of the shots you don't take.

    We make a great team

    I guess this ended up being all sports, but I have a ton of ideas if you need more, email me, at

    Have Fun!!

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