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    By cdg

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    I agree with Sarah's post; she's got some good ideas and by taking TV away at home, the child may not make the connection between that & his behavior at school. Young children must experience instant consequences & you may be more successful with rewarding good behavior than punishing bad behavior. I have used a sticker reward system. Each time the child does what is expected of him, he gets a mini sticker. (You may have to start out with accepting a "close approximation" of the desired behavior). At the end of the day, he gets an appropriate "sticker reward" that reflects the number of stickers he has earned. I used different sizes of stickers or styles (big ones or holographic ones for lots of stickers, medium sized ones or smaller foiled ones for less stickers, etc.) We used a small notebook (the kind that fits in a shirt pocket)to place the reward sticker in daily. This way we dated it, added a note if necessary & mom instantly knew how the day went at school. Parents have carried this method over into the home to help with behavior there, but the rewards would be something positive that wouldn't be considered "a bribe" like candy or toys. Having special time with Daddy (or Mom) before bed, getting a bubblebath, getting to stay up later on a non-school night, etc.
    When I first started this, I was concerned that the rest of the class wasn't getting stickers for their daily good behavior, but that never seemed to become an issue with them (they were a similar age as you have). Good Luck!

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