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    I hope I can help
    By Mary

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    You need to lay down the law asap. Get the kids in rows facing you. If you do not have enough space to separate them then let them sit 2x2. Plan to put the noisy ones with the quiet ones. Then you need to set procedures for everything and do not bend. They can only sharpen pencils at certain times. They cannot get out of their seats without permission even if it's to get a tissue. Set the rules and if they screw up then it's time off recess the more they mess up the more recess they loose.

    Also as a positive way to deal with them... make a diagram of their rows of desks on the board (a small corner). If the rows are on task they get a tally or for each kid on task in each row they get a tally. At the end of the day the row with the most tallies gets a small treat. You can do this without telling them what you are doing at first and it will make the curious. Also you can rig it so all rows win or none if it's a really bad day. I have had my share of bad classes an this method has worked for me. You can also arrange your room so each row has a behavior problem kid in it. Or have the entire row of the "pain in the butts".

    Get your lessons prepared the night before so you are ready for battle the next day. Then come in like a drill sergeant. Remember it's an act you are going for an Oscar winning performance.

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