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    problem child
    By Michele

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    Wow!! It sounds just like a student I have! My little guy (I teach Jr. 1st) would refuse to come in from recess, crawl around on the floor, pretend he's a puppy, never do his work, get up in the middle of lessons to wander. When I tried to 'force' him to complete his work, he'd start screaming bloody murder! Basically, he follows his impulses, has virtuallty no control over his impulses.

    Has this boy ever been tested for ADHD? He sounds like a textbook case. Even if mom refuses to medicate him, just the diagnoses can do wonders for your mental status.

    My little guy was diagnosed with ADHD and started on strattera (spelling?)_ last week. He is a totally different child now, he actually walked into class today after speech, sat at his desk, and began working on the assignment!!! (Two weeks ago he'd walk in slam the door, and yell I('m here, what do I do and then not do it!)

    You definately have my sympathy! I would make sure you document EVERYTHING, your words, his words etc. I know that is a pain, but it will help your principal see how his bahavior is affecting the rest of the class. I'd also note everytime to stop a lesson to redirect him. I am lucky enough to have a principal who supports us unquestioned, and she backed me when I sent him out of the room for disrupting us. Maybe your principal could come observe him for 20 minutes or so one day, and see for him/her self how disruptive he is.

    Good luck, I'll be htinking about you!


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