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    Little Red House Story
    By George

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    Here's an old-fashioned riddle story, which you could use to introduce an apple-related activity. You should have a knife and an apple ready, so at the end of the story you can act out the surprise. Here's my retelling of it:

    The Little Red House

    Once there were two children with nothing better to do. Noticing this, their grandmother said, "Find the little red house with no door and no windows, and a star inside, and you'll both have a sweet treat to eat"

    The children were confused by what their grandmother had said, but since their grandmother knew so many things, they set out to look for the little red house.

    The day was very hot, but the children walked around their entire neighborhood looking at all the houses. Finally they found a red house, but it was very large. Then they found a small red house, but it had a door and windows. In fact, all the houses had doors and windows.

    Hot and tired, the children walked home. They wondered why their grandmother had played a trick on them.

    "Did you find the little red house?" their grandmother asked. The two children shook their heads 'no' and looked very unhappy.

    Seeing this, the grandmother said, "come with me" and walked out into the garden with her paring knife. "Here we are," she said reaching for a bright red apple.

    She washed the apple and cut it in half with her paring knife. "One for you, and one for you," she said handing each child a piece.

    Sure enough, there was the star just as their grandmother had promised.

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