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    Team Teaching
    By Frustrated

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    Sue W.,

    I'm not totally sure why this teacher was moved to our grade level. She does have a reputation of being an excellent Science teacher and our students are in desparate need of building up their science knowledge base for our state testing. I do know that she was adamantly against it, but on the other hand, she didn't file a grievance over it, either. As for your question about whether or not she was offended that the other teacher and I have the subjects that we do, she has stated quite emphatically that she has absolutely no interest or patience for Reading/Language Arts and she really wouldn't have been thrilled to do Math, either. She has done Science and Social Studies for several years, although she has done math as well. Her main beef seems to be that she spent so much time and money of her own for supplies to build up her curriculum, especially for Science, in her previous grade. We are in an urban area and money is very tight in our district, therefore, there isn't a whole lot available to purchase materials. Since the Science program we use is pretty much hands-on, it is true that there are a lot of out-of-pocket expenses that come up, but surely at least some of the materials that she purchased can be used at our grade level, too. My personal feeling about all of this is that, if she is truly this upset she should see if there is anything that the Union can do on her behalf. It is going to be a verrrryyyy long year if she continues to whine and moan about how put upon she is.

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