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    sight vocab
    By maryellen

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    Each week we post the words we are learning that week in their agends for daily study. We do vocab activities in the classroom from Pat Cunninghan's 4 blocks. Then we have them read these words to us, out of order, Thursday morning, testing for mastery. This only takes 5 to 10 minutes total. We write their score and transfer the words they didn't know to the next agenda page, to be retested next week along with the new words. Keeping them on an agenda page instead of sending a study sheet home has really helped the children keep up their daily practice, and our expectations along with their progress is clear to the parents at all times.

    We try to keep the weekly lists short, so if a child is really struggling, we'll still give them jsut 5 - 6 words to study, noting the rest of the list in smaller print to one side so the parent sees how far behind they are. (Of course, you'd handle this differently for an ESL or coded child).

    Occasionally all the sight words from the previous few weeks (10 or 12 words) are posted in the hallway by the classroom door, a signal to parent and child they'll be retested this week. As they go thru the door they are encouraged to read some or all of the list for practice. Eventually a teacher, assistant, or volunteer parent will have the children read the list one-on -one for a sight word score. use a class list for this. That will take no more than a half hour. These sight words tests are totalled each term for a sight word score which becomes part of their reading mark.

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