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    bathroom use
    By Carolyn

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    I teach fifth graders. For some reason, they ALWAYS claim that they have an emergency. This "emergency" is especially likely to occur after recess. Yeah, sure.

    I think that accidents can happen to elementary school children of all ages, and for a variety of reasons. I had a fifth grader purposely pee in her pants several years ago so that her father would get after the principal to get after me to let her go to the bathroom ANY TIME she wanted to for however long she wanted to. Well, it worked. Daddy was up the very next day to yell at the principal about how "unreasonable" I was not to let his "little girl" go whenever she wanted to. The principal ordered me to let her go whenever she wanted to to pacify the parent. The child throught this was such a great thing that she was asking me about every fifteen minutes to go. She'd leave for about fifteen minutes at a time. I'd document the amount of time that she was gone. Finally, I got tired of it. I told her that if she really had to go she'd be willing to give up recess time, since she was using up all of her free time in the bathroom. Eventually, she quit her bad habit and went like everybody else. The funny thing was: The following year when she became a sixth grader she admitted to me in front of her sixth grade teacher that she didn't really need to go all that much. She was just trying to get out of class when she was in fifth grade. Like I didn't know that!!!!!

    I guess there are all sorts--from the very shy, to the very demanding. Mostly I've met the latter kind.

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