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    Some Answers (I hope!)
    By StephR

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    The cards on the strategy fan are basically just 6 different colors of construction paper cut 3in x 4in. They are connected at the bottom with a metal fastner brad. This makes it easy to fan them out, hold just one up, or bring them all together. At the top of each card, there is a label with the strategy name. The back, I have the definition of the strategy. This way, when the kids hold up the fan to us a strategy, I see the strategy (say, predict) and they see the definition (decide what will happen next based on the previous reading).

    Each of the cards are a different color so that way I can see if there are a bunch of black cards in the air, that means predict, green is summarize, yellow is making connections, etc...

    My kids put them together, I just provided the cut cards, the brads, and a computer sheet with he strategies. They cut out the labels and glued them on the proper colors.

    Popcorn reading is basically a tweek of round robin reading. This time, the kids read the story aloud. They can read as much or as little as they would like. When they are finished reading, they say "Pop" and call out another student to read. This is really a great way to make sure everyone is paying attention because you never know when your name will be called out! And the kids love being in control of how long they read. Some kids read 2 paragraphs, others 2 sentences. Another thing that they love, is stopping in the middle of sentences and popping to a classmate to try and "catch" a classmate who isn't paying attention!!

    Hope that helps! Any questions don't hesitate to ask (it is hard describing visuals on these posts sometimes!!)

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