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    By bonnie

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    One technique I have used is to have students play a game. This might be confusing so email me if I'm not clear and you are interested. I have students play a game called "In the land of ten" it's the opposite of the same game they play to "get" regrouping in addition. It's against the law of the land to have ten you must exchange.
    I give the kids a mat you can make them quickly by drawing two vertical lines so have a ones, tens and hundrds column. (place value mats if you have them) Give them a green chip (bingo chip or piece of green 1 x 1 paper or a hundreds block whatever you have available. The students roll one die and need to remove that number. To remove a 6 they would need to first regroup to 10 tens and then exchange 10 ones for one of the blue chips. ( I use green for 100's like a dollar, blue for 10's like a dime and red for ones ...pennies. Students keep taking turns and removing the chips to correspond to the number that student rolls. The winner is the one that clears the mat first. Note every time a student must regroup the players say "time out". This technique sems to help kids "understand" what it means to regroup rather than just symbolic mumbo jumbo steps of crossing out and etc... You might want to play the reverse first ... start with empty mat add pennies or red chips or units for first rolls.... students first turn rolls a 6 adds 6 chips to ones, opponents turn then rolls a 5 puts 5 chips down then says time out then regroups and game continues...first to a hundred wins. Not subtraction but gets concept of regrouping down first. My kids love it hope yours will too.

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