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    Fourth Grade Rats
    By LLK

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    Hello, Kim,
    We just finished using this book in my fourth grade room. Because one of the skills taught in the first part of the year in reading is character traits for my fourth graders, here are a couple of activities I did. I was new to this book also this year so I was coming up with comprehension/vocabulary activities on my own also.
    1. To compare Joey and Suds, I used a Venn Diagram on character comparisions off of Laura Candler's website. (, I believe) She has a great venn diagram and also a page on how a character changes. I used it for Suds about mid way through the book.
    2. I used her list of character traits...we looked them up together all the ones we didn't understand...we knew bossy, fun, messy, etc. This got in some dictionary use as well.
    3. Then at the end of the book, I had the students make a character trait comparison. To do this, on a large sheet of construction paper, the 12x 18 size, they drew 2 people. ( I had some blank gingerbread looking patterns they used, but you could use just free hand drawings) Coming out from the people, they drew 4 lines. On the lines, they had to list a character mean, rebellious, etc. Then underneath the line, they had to tell me why they thought so. Example: Joey was mean because he pushed little kids off of the swings.
    Of course, I aimed for complete sentences, but by what I am just now correcting, we have some rewrites to do. I am using a made up rubric to score it. The students got a little drawing and coloring in the project as well and I plan on hanging them up.

    Hope this helps.

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