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    paperwork vs. teaching
    By jane

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    It comes as a shock at first but somehow or another, people just like you manage to rise above the muck and actually teach children. I always say (over, over & over & over again), "Some people can't see the forest for the trees." I'm a KY teacher and, boy'o,it seems sometimes assessments & test scores are the "end-all" for everything (&I do mean ALL). My 100 students have to do portfolios. I'm a LA teacher. I get 5 writing (very detailed & loaded with criteria) pieces from each student each year (must document student evidence of student doing the writing process, yada, yada & so on, endless). Anyway, (back to forest tree thing) I took my watch off not too long ago & asked a student to let me know when it was 10 'til so I wouldn't cause them to be late for the bus again & after much ado (embarassed student, talking her through it, etc.) she finally admitted she can't tell time. She is an avg. 8th grader. Anyway, well, this ol' mama can't sleep at night thinking about it. Now I'm in process of teaching 7th & 8th graders how to: ties their shoes, tell time & write names & address properly as if mailing a letter. All I have to do now is fit it into the wonderful state curriculum. Anyway, that day the student told me she couldn't tell time, I woke up & "smelled the roses" (if you will"). I have least 20 students that have 'fessed up. We can blame velcro shoes, digital watches, etc. Somehow, though, I blame those standard-making, policy-writing folks for not "seeing the forest for the trees" & it truly makes me feel a little better. Does that help any?

    Oh yeah, you wouldn't believer the parents & others that have thanked me for teaching their child(ren) these simple tasks.

    Now, take a deep breath, smile & dive back in when u feel ready.

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